About Raven


Raven & her dog Finnegan

“A Shaman would say, if you see with your heart and feel with your head, the position of your eyelids is of no consequence”.
– Alberto Villoldo

Born with a genuine intuitive gift & fueled with a lifelong passion for metaphysics, Raven has spent more than 30 years doing research, study and practice in the areas of Tarot, Astrology, Herbs & Aromatherapy.

After spending several years working in the “corporate world”, Raven became increasingly unhappy and decided to make her passion a full-time career and has never looked back. Professionally practicing since 2002, she is now an accomplished and well-known Tarot Reader, Teacher and Entertainer. Raven bases her practice in Seattle, WA and has provided thousands of clients all over the world a variety of different types of readings providing them insight, guidance, healing and joy.

Traditionally educated in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, Raven discovered a passion for spirituality practiced by indigenous cultures. Through this, she became dedicated to a more holistic approach to complete wellness by the integration and healing of the mind, heart, body and spirit as one. Raven went on to study Tarot, Evolutionary Astrology, Shamanism & received and advanced degree in Metaphysical Sciences in 2010.

Raven’s total commitment to her clients’ mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health is something which is to be experienced within each and every session. Be prepared to walk away with a prescription for total health …